Painful menses, Endometriosis

Excessively painful periods can be very disruptive to a woman’s lifestyle and ability to meet family and work responsibilities. Often these symptoms may have started in her teen years and worsened over time. These are features that are suggestive of a more serious disorder called endometriosis. This is a condition in which uterine lining cells […]

Heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a common experience, particularly among women at the beginning and end of their menstrual cycling years. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are often hormonal or structural causes that can be identified and treated effectively. It is also important for women to know that it is not normal […]

Genital Itching

Itching symptoms can occur with various infections, inflammatory skin disorders, or irritant exposures. Most commonly, women are treated for yeast infections when they complain of itching. However, if itching persists or recurs despite this treatment, there may be other underlying causes. We have met many women who have undergone multiple recurrent treatments and become frustrated […]

Annual Gynecologic Exam

Current medical guidelines recommend that women receive a thorough medical assessment on an annual basis. This assessment should include breast and cervical cancer screening, contraceptive management, immunization updates, screening for medical or menstrual problems, and health education around healthy weight, exercise, and sexual habits.