Contraception for teens

Contraception can be a sensitive topic for teens and for their parents. At Selah, we respect state laws which protect the privacy of teen girls to discuss this topic with a gynecology provider with or without their parents present, as they desire. We always encourage open communication and have supportive discussions with teens regarding their […]

Imperforate hymen

An imperforate hymen is the persistence of excess hymen skin covering or partially covering the vaginal opening. This can produce significant pain when a girl’s periods start, or it may go completely unnoticed until she attempts to use tampons or have sexual intercourse. This tissue generally needs to be surgically removed through a simple procedure […]

Amenorrhea (no menstrual cycles)

Amenorrhea may present as primary (menstrual cycles never started) or as secondary (they started, but then stopped). There are various hormonal or structural causes for this, which should be evaluated by an experienced gynecology provider. Sometimes we determine a girl is simply a “late-bloomer”, and other times we identify a significant hormonal dysfunction that should […]

Severe menstrual pain, endometriosis

Although menstrual cramping is very commonly experienced by most young women in their teen years, cramping pain that prevents a girl from participating in normal activities such as school and sports, may be a sign of endometriosis. Pain symptoms that start a day or two before menstrual bleeding starts, or pain passing bowel movements during […]

Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding

Some girls may experience heavy or prolonged bleeding at the onset of menstrual periods. It is also common in the first few years of a girl’s periods, most often due to irregular ovulation and irregular hormones. However, sometimes bleeding is so heavy that it can interfere with normal activities or result in dangerous levels of […]